5 Lists of Fruits that Can Reduce High Blood Pressure!

5 Lists of Fruits that Can Reduce High Blood Pressure!

1. Banana

High potassium content in bananas can help balance high levels of sodium in the body of people with hypertension, so that it can help Ucers to reduce blood pressure. Ucers friends can eat bananas directly

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the foods that contain potassium and high magnesium. Both of these minerals can reduce blood pressure. Potatoes also have the fiber content you need. The problem here is how to process potatoes which are usually added to salt. So the sahbat ucers should consume potatoes only when boiled, then you can just bake them without adding salt.

3. Fruit Berry

Berry group fruits, especially blueberries, contain flavonoids. A study shows that these flavonoids can prevent high blood pressure and can also help as a high blood pressure meal. Friends Ucers can add blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries to yogurt or morning cereals Ucers Friends.


Definitely rarely hear the name huh? Some studies show that drinking beet juice can reduce high blood pressure. One study that proved this came from a study published by the Nutrition Journal in 2013. This study proved that a decrease in systolic blood pressure after six hours of consuming beet juice, especially in male participants.

5.Kacang Lima

The content of potassium in lima beans originating from Peru, Latin America can also be used as a high blood-lowering food. In addition, lima beans also contain fiber and protein which is certainly good for people with hypertension. You can eat lima beans by boiling it, you can eat it directly or mix it with other vegetables. Remember, only add a little salt to the dish. and if you can, don't use salt.

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