5 Wise Ways to Build a Healthy Work Atmosphere

Over time, the atmosphere and culture of work in the office or at work can become increasingly unhealthy. Because of the increasingly busy work and companies that demand high productivity, physical and mental health seems marginalized.

Now, how can we stay healthy at work? Here are some wise ways from Psychcentral.com, which we can use to improve a healthy work culture in the workplace. When we can do it, surely physical and mental health can be maintained.

1. Don't eat at your desk

So busy, many people spend hours eating while working. This is actually not recommended. Are we not designed to work while eating, exercising while taking a bath, or taking a shower while working? 

When it's time to eat, try not to do it while working at your desk. Taking a moment to eat can actually improve brain performance and arouse your mood. In addition, eating is a human need so that it should not be ignored. Don't work because your body needs are ignored. 

2. Every now and then need personal conversation

Even in professional areas, reasonable personal talks are also needed. Try asking how your colleagues are doing before the meeting starts. You can also personally send an email containing motivation for your work colleagues. Generally simple things like this can improve a person's performance and foster a more comfortable feeling while working. 

3. Extend the rest time for one minute

This strategy is useful when you are in a difficult situation to rest because it is very busy with work. When you get the chance to walk into one room to another in the office, try to take a minute's rest so that your eyes and brain are refreshed. 

4. Create a relaxed atmosphere

Slip humor, joke, talk lightly, in your relationships with colleagues. Things like this will increase solidarity among workers. Communities between workers will benefit you a lot at work. 

5. Respect each employee equally

Both permanent employees and interns, treat everything equally. Take time to help your coworkers who don't have good work performance. A healthy workplace is a place where individuals feel valued and supported.
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