Tips for Maintaining Blood Sugar, Acid and Cholesterol

There are three things in the human body that have a great effect on health. One of them is blood sugar levels, gout and cholesterol.

Routinely check blood sugar levels, gout and cholesterol. Be aware of the three levels are very important. To prevent some unwanted things from happening.

As we understand, if the levels of the three exceed the normal limit, it will have an effect not good for health. Well, so that blood sugar levels, uric acid and cholesterol are always constant, you can follow the following techniques.

Simple techniques for controlling blood sugar levels:

Check your weight

The advantages of weight or obesity are likely to enhance the effects of diabetes. Because of that, you should control good weight. Not only can you maximize appearance, by controlling your weight can also control your body's metabolism.

Regularly doing sports

Diligent exercise turns out to be able to support controlling blood sugar levels. Physical work can advance glucose to change to power. You can do simple sports, for example going to the office using a bicycle or determining the stairs compared to the elevator.

Healthy eating scheme

Try to eat regularly, which is enough for 3 times a day. Consume along with vegetables and various clear colored fruits such as red, green and orange. So substituting rice, you can eat brown rice or wheat. Long beans and tempeh are known to reduce blood sugar.

Techniques to control your uric acid levels remain safe:

Avoid various foods and beverages that contain high purines such as red meat, offal, melinjo, seafood, alcohol and soda.

Increase consumption of water to support the benefits of the kidneys filtering uric acid in the body 
Consuming foods that contain high potassium such as bananas and aphids. 
Regularly interacting husband and wife, because sexual activity can actually facilitate urine production. Until uric acid levels can decrease.

The technique of raising good cholesterol and suppressing bad cholesterol levels in the body:

Eat enough and regular amounts. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits as a substitute for fatty foods. You can also eat some specific fish and whole grain breakfast. 

Change snacks with nuts. Nuts have unsaturated fat content which is quite high. However, consumption must still be limited. Exercising. You can do light sports like walking or aerobics, and it doesn't take long to do it. Enough to do 10 minutes every day regularly. 

Don't get depressed. Here it is the most important key to let cholesterol not rise prominently. Try to always think positive. Do relaxation like taking deep breaths and light movements.

These are some techniques that you can try to apply to control blood sugar levels, gout and cholesterol. Hopefully useful.
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