You Must Know Various Benefits of Celery Leaves

Various studies were conducted to prove the benefits of Celery Leaves, including seeds, and stems. To understand it further, below are some of the potential benefits of celery for health you should know:

Lowering blood pressure 

Based on the results of research, celery extract is believed to help lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension. This material can be processed in the form of juice, to supplements.

Prevent cancer 

Celery leaf extract is also often used as an anticancer drug. In one study, celery leaf extract showed the potential to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells around the stomach.

Prolonging digestion 

The content of pectin-based polysaccharide in celery leaves can help facilitate digestion, prevent ulcer disease, repair damaged stomach lining and maintain healthy digestive tract.

Relieves menstrual pain 

Some studies have shown that consuming products containing celery seeds with a mixture of several other ingredients can reduce the intensity and duration of pain that is felt during menstruation.

Repel mosquitoes 

According to research, mosquito repellent gels with celery extract content can last more than 4 hours. The effectiveness of celery with a mixture of other anti-mosquito ingredients, is quite high in repelling mosquitoes.

In addition to the above benefits, celery is also thought to help with headaches, appetite, fatigue, and bowel movements. Celery is also believed to make the body more relaxed and sleep better, because of its ability as a muscle relaxant or relaxant.

Although it has many benefits, you still need to be careful if you want to take celery extract supplements, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a history of allergies to this ingredient, suffer from blood disorders, kidney problems, or low blood pressure.
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